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8dtek Meters

8dtek Meters from DMSI LLC

FREE Worldwide Satellite List of all satellites and transponders.
Free to download, free to use.

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8dtek Meters ended production in 2016. Meters under the 8dtek name are no longer available. Sathero Meters are the most technically advanced hand held meters.


Combo Meter


  • DVB-S2 & DVB-T2 & DVB-C
  • GPS for Location
  • COMPASS for Azimuth
  • G-SENSOR for Elevation
  • BER, S/N, MER, Power, FEC Measurement
  • HDMI, RJ45, USB, CAM
  • Card Reader


Digital Satellite Meter


  • Installation Meter & Full Measurement for DVB-S/S2
  • Real Real-Time and Multi-Analyzing Spectrum
  • Constellation Chart
  • LNB Test
  • BER, S/N, MER, FEC Measurement
  • Auto Search, Blind Search, NIT Search, Manual Search
  • Satellite Name & Degree Auto Detective & Display
  • Auto DiSEqC1.0/DiSEqC1.1/DiSEqC1.2, USALS
  • MDU & Unicable
  • Local satellites list showing automatically
  • Easy upgrading by Ethernet & USB & RS232 Port
  • Satellite List Editable by Editor via PC
  • RCA AV-OUT for External Display, TV (PAL Only)
  • 13V/18V,22K supported
  • Dish Antenna Angle Calculator
  • Multi-Language OSD: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian etc.
  • Global, Local Satellite list
  • LED(Red/Green) & Audio Indication for Signal Lock
  • 3 Inch High Definition TFT LCD Screen


Android Smart Phone Meter

This unique meter works with your Android smart phone. Just put the SF250A in your LNBF to Receiver line and you will be able to read signal strength and more on your Android smart phone.

Huge list of satellites and channels. Easily to edit channels or add new channels.


  • Low noise figure
  • Signal Strength and Signal Level LED Indicator
  • Signal lock LED indicator
  • Built-in Bluetooth BLE for connect to Android devices (phone, tablet, etc)
  • 13V/18V LED indicator
  • Beeper for remind signal lock function support
  • 1 satellite / 4TP and one LNB type parameters preset